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Fastphalt PHPM-50

Make Your Asphalt Patch Repairs Last Up To 5X Longer!


Fastphalt is an environmentally friendly, trackless, emulsion tack that is applied to the bottom, sides and finished surface of an asphalt patch.


It not only extends the life of the patch where applied, but also promotes adhesion for the patch mix and the existing surface.

It is easily applied by spray on methods and requires no heat. Fastphalt is compatible with cold mix, hot mix and high performance materials.

Main Features:

  • Trackless tack
  • Works with all patch mixes
  • Does not clog or clump in equipment
  • Prevents water infiltration into the patch
  • Provides a bonding platform for patch mix
  • Seals cracks in the side of the patch
  • Forms water-resistant seal from the sub-base
  • Flows easy in all weather
  • Provides blacktop membrane sealer
  • Easy application with a spray wand
  • Stops citizen complaints about failed patch areas
  • Sprays on like a fog seal (liquid); dries like epoxy (solid)
  • Increases road life around a patch area
  • Low cost application rate
  • Protects your investment