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Performance & Power for Every Application

Why Rent a Guzzler?

  • Factory direct rentals
  • Technical service & support from factory trained technicians
  • Large fleet of ready to work, late model units
  • Expanding our fleet to support your business’ growth
  • Increase the size of your fleet with short-term and long-term rentals

In Partnership With

Rent your Guzzler from FS Solutions

FS Solutions locations are staffed with skilled, factory-trained technicians and provide a range of services and product offerings:
  • Guzzler vacuum truck rentals
  • Water blast equipment rentals
  • High-performance parts for most makes and models of industrial vacuum loaders, sewer cleaners, hydro-excavators and water blasting equipment
  • Wide range of accessories for industrial cleaning operations
  • Repairing and rebuilding of vacuum trucks, pumps, blowers and more
  • Large selection of refurbished vacuum trucks, sewer cleaners and vacuum excavation trucks
  • No-man entry equipment


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