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Truck Mounted Leaf Collection

The American Road Machinery Company Chassis Mounted Vacuum Leaf and Debris Collector. A self-contained, engine-driven vacuum machine is one tough piece of equipment. This machine can pick up and completely mulch leaves and debris from curb sides, median strips, ditches, open spillways, and other areas, then deposit the mulch in an integral, all-steel hopper.


Kohler KDI 2504 TCR Final Tier 4, 4-cycle turbo diesel engine at 74 HP.

Hose Boom Options
6-way remote boom with engine-driven hydraulics and in-cab joystick controller
In-cab engine Stop/Start gauges

Blower Housing

The blower housing contains a fan that is 30” in diameter. These contain six 3/8” AR-400 steel blades that are stress relieved and statically and dynamically balanced. The 30” fan generates 24,200 CFM. This fan and blower housing can handle even the heaviest of wet leaves and debris.


Two models are available in 25 and 30 cubic-yard capacities. They have 12-gauge, all-welded steel construction with 3” channels encircling the body. With an engine-driven, hydraulic hoist, even the heaviest loads are handled easily. This means you can handle more debris with less effort. You can let the machine work for you.