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Vactor Ramjet Truck Jetter

The Vactor Ramjet is a water jetter used for fast, safe responses to sewer blockages and preventive line maintenance.

Given its maneuverable design, a single operator can operate the Ramjet. The hose hose reel can be located in the front or rear of the truck. Several productivity-enhancing options exist along with a variety of accessories that can configure the Ramjet to fit your needs.



  • IntuiTouch® one-touch in-cab controls for PTO activation at the touch of a button
  • IntuiTouch control panel that combines all cleaning system functions into one, ergonomic control panel
  • Low maintenance Jet Rodder® Water Pump provides smooth continuous flows and optional “jackhammer” action
  • Park-N-Clean™ technology literally lets an operator park right near a manhole to start cleaning in mere minutes
  • Patent pending H.A.L.O.™ (Hands-Free Accessory Light Option) brings a new level of safety and efficiency to every jobsite
  • Exclusive Modul-Flex design provides for maximum capacities and optimum weight distribution
  • E-Stops are located at all operator control points to maximize safety for both the operator and equipment
  • Revolutionary rotating rear hose reel with available integral shroud for superior performance in cold weather
  • Rear hose reel rotates a total of 180 degrees, 90 degrees to curb side, 90 degrees to street side
  • Front-mounted hose reel option can telescope up to 15 inches forward and rotate up to 270 degrees
  • Stainless steel water tank offers greater strength and corrosion protection and comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Superior cold weather operation that includes separate storage for wet and dry items
  • An array of options to customize your Ramjet jetter to meet your specific needs