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Vactor ACE Easement Machine

Don’t let hard to reach manholes prevent you from doing needed maintenance.  The Vactor ACE Easement Machine makes it easy to clean out pipes, drains, sewers and culverts in even the most inaccessible of locations over the roughest terrain.  Simple to operate and highly maneuverable, it eliminates the need for workers to struggle dragging hoses long distances.  Logs, rocks, sand, mud and more will no longer be obstacles to your work.  Features include:


  • 500-ft rodder hose
  • Dual hydraulic drive system with low and high-speed settings
  • Dual 9” tracks with heavy duty drive and idler pulleys
  • Adjustable track widths from 35”” to 46”
  • Hydraulic pay-in/pay-out to reduce operator fatigue
  • Hydraulic rotating reel with 15-degrees of fore and aft tilt
  • Productivity-driving options including a wireless remote