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Broom Bear

Reliable, Heavy Duty, Versatile Mechanical Broom Sweeper

The Elgin Broom Bear is a mechanical sweeper mounted on a commercially available conventional chassis.

In addition to light street maintenance, the Broom Bear is specially suited for sweeping heavy duty construction debris like millings or gravel.

Benefits include:

  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Comfortable and easy operation
  • Efficient four-wheel design
  • Short wheelbase for enhanced maneuverability in tight cul-de-sacs

The Broom Bear has been continuously improved since 1988, retaining all of the features that made it popular.


Main features:

  • Fully dualized controls and intelligent single engine design utilizing chassis engine to power the sweeper
  • Large hopper and water tank for more productive sweeping time and fewer scheduled stops.
  • Variable dumping height and 11” (279 mm) of hopper side-shift for easy dumping.


Available in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) turn-key ready, direct from the OEM, with the Cummins Westport L9N N-Gas engine.