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A Reliable And Versatile Regenerative Air Sweeper

The Elgin Crosswind is a regenerative air sweeper that’s well suited for municipalities, contractors, airport applications and general maintenance sweeping.

Main Features:

  • Wide sweeping path
  • Superior performance
  • Simplified, low-maintenance design
  • User-friendly controls

The Crosswind can be configured to be cab-over or conventional chassis.


The Crosswind1 Eliminates:

  • Maintaining two engines
  • Complex aftertreatment system, and maintenance
  • Untimely auxiliary engine regenerations
  • Cost exposure resulting from “missed” auxiliary engine regenerations
  • Cumbersome belt tensioning systems
  • Auxiliary engine noise and vibration


Available in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) turn-key ready, direct from the OEM, with the Cummins Westport L9N N-Gas engine.