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Eagle – Waterless

Water Conservation. Year Round Sweeping. Low Dust Emissions.

The Elgin Eagle equipped with patented Waterless Dust Control System for PM-10 and PM-2.5 pick up, proven low dust emissions and dry sweep performance. With the Waterless Eagle, customers will experience incredible sweep performance while controlling dust without using water. Since there’s no water, sweeping in freezing weather conditions is possible, helping your operations meet the growing demand for quick pick up of winter-time road sand, salt and cinders. As a result, sweeping programs will significantly reduce time spent on spring clean-up.


Benefits include:

  • Reliable heavy duty performance
  • High dump capability
  • Superior operator comfort

It has been continuously improved since 1988, retaining all of the features that made it popular


Main features:

  • Simplified dual-engine design
  • Increased operator efficiency and productivity
  • Latest technology for superior results